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A Photo Story (Zurich and Lucerne)

Our short adventure in Switzerland started on a flight from Barcelona to Zurich. I took photos of The Alps before from our previous road trip from Munich to Salzburg, but I’d say this one from above is a much better view.

Once we arrived at the airport, we bought a pair of ZurichCard that’s valid for 24 hours. It’s basically a city travel pass accepted by all public transportation within the city. A 72-hour pass is also available. You can check the website ZurichCard for more information.

The train from the airport took us to the main station in the city called Hauptbahnhof. It is the largest railway station in Zurich and the first thing that captured our attention is this guardian angel dangling over the station. A 1.2 ton, 11-metres sculpture by French artist Niki de St Phalle to commemorate the 150 years of Swiss railroads.


As we walked our way to our hotel, I couldn’t help but notice all the chocolate shops. They all look so yummy!

This is our cosy hotel room in Seidenhof just a few blocks off the central station. It’s pretty neat and warm inside but there’s a lot of exploring to be done outside.

Hotel Room

So Sean and I wasted no time. The first thing to do is of course, grab a pretzel before we head to Landesmuseum, also known as The Swiss National Museum. It has a lot of interesting stuff including this stack of drawers. But let me tell you that it’s not just an ordinary drawer. It serves as a vault to the time when Swiss banks used to keep their clients’ money and valuables. I’m sure it’s more hi-tech nowadays.

Safe Vaults

Then off we go to our next destination, but first, coffee.

From central station, we take a short metro ride using our ZurichCard to Uetliberg Mountain. On our way, we’re entertained with stunning views of the lake and city.

It was a slippery, cold and snowy hike up to the viewing point but nevertheless, Sean and I had loads of fun! It’s my first ever affair with snow so just imagine me like a little girl making snowballs and just having the time of my life.

After a few slips and loads of fun with the snow, we headed back to town and took a relaxing walk along Niederdorfstrasse where you can find all the pretty (but darn expensive) cafes and restaurant. We found ourselves a seat at a Mexican restaurant called Mexicano and Cuban Bar. A bit pricey and the food weren’t also that great so I wouldn’t really recommend it.

Because it is a weekend, most of the shops are closed including this 17th century old bakeshop. I would’ve loved to try their goodies. But oh well, maybe next time.

Lindenhoff Hill is a pretty square or mini park in Zurich not only popular for tourists but among locals as well. From up here, you can also see serene views of the city.

The next day, we spent our morning catching up with Sean’s high school classmate Sam and her lovely daughter Jade. She’s the one behind the camera so she isn’t in the picture.

zurich with sam

We were supposed to get on the boat today to tour Zürichsee or better known as Zurich Lake. However, it’s been raining the last few days and I haven’t actually seen any boat cruising around the lake. When Sam suggested we go to Lucerne instead, we didn’t think twice about it so we bought our tickets and hopped on the next train.

Lucerne is very pretty. In fact, I’m in love with this city. Even on a cold winter’s day and grey clouds blanketing all over the city, Lucerne’s beauty just stands out. I can only imagine how it turns into a paradise during the summer when the sun is aplenty and there’s colour everywhere.

From this view, there are the Alps ready to impress you with its snowcapped mountaintops.

And on this side is the high and mighty Mount Pilatus. Any nature buff will surely love this place.

One good thing about coming in winter and especially on a weekend is that there aren’t too many loud tourists around. Sean and I explored the city with so much ease without having to worry about bumping into somebody else’s kid and with lesser obstruction of the scenic views.

Kapellbrücke zürich

This is Kappelbrücke or Chapel Bridge, named after the nearby St Peter’s Chapel with its water tower in the middle. It is Europe’s oldest covered wooden bridge dating back as far as the 12th century.

Before taking the train back to Zurich, Sean and I indulged on another yummy pretzel. We couldn’t help it. Yum!

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