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Meet Mrs Ring

 “In order to become a citizen of the world, not only must you step your feet from one country to another. You have to become one with the locals — eat their food, understand the language and share their beliefs”. – Pamela Ring

Overlooking Vancouver City from Grouse Mountain, August 2010

Hello! Thanks for dropping by. My name is Pam and I quit my job as a hospital pharmacist after 13 years of being in the profession.

I like taking photos and my interest in photography started a few years ago when I bought my very first DSLR camera.  I thought taking pictures is fun and interesting especially when you share them with others to see; hence the birth of my first website.  I attended a single course on that particular matter and realised that the terms used are so much more complicated than memorising medical terms and chemical formulas. Just kidding. I’d say experience is the best teacher. So here I am just capturing wonderful moments with either my good ol’ Canon or iPhone.

I also travel a bit (30+ countries and counting), which only deepened my fascination in taking pictures.  I share my travel experiences, tips and beautiful photos on this website.

I am currently (still) enjoying my new profession as a domestic engineer, which is mainly about taking care of my busy husband, the merchant adventurer Sean Ring, and our home.  I am originally from The Philippines and my husband is British.  We just left Singapore last January (2015) where we’ve lived and worked for the past 7 years.  Currently, we are anchored in Hong Kong for maybe a year, or two…perhaps more 🙂

So if I am not traveling, I am in my kitchen making wonderful gastronomic moments.  Do drop by more often for some tips & tidbits, kitchen & travel stories and more.

Thanks a lot! I hope you enjoy my photos and have fun reading.

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